Anona's Lavender Pekin

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Anona's Lavender Pekin

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Miniature Motifs are small designs which can be turned into delicate tree ornaments, pin badges, decorations for cards, pincushions, needlebooks and many more. Perfect for quick gifts and ideal for travelling, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination...

Anona’s Lavender Pekin uses cross stitch, French knots and back stitch. Each stitch is explained using clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions.

The ornament pictured was worked on Zweigart 32ct Antique White linen. The pin badge was worked on Zweigart 55ct White linen.

For a quick and easy start, add our materials pack with optional 5-inch hoop, particularly useful if you're buying a pack as a gift and you don't know if your friend has one already! You will be able to stitch at least two Miniature Motifs on the pre-cut piece of 32ct linen or at least four Miniature Motifs on the pre-cut 55ct linen. 

Stitch count: 18 x 20

Chart pack contents: Colour pictures of finished piece, chart and stitch diagrams.

Materials pack contents: pre-cut 32ct or 55ct Zweigart Antique White linen, DMC floss, size 26 gold-plated John James needle and 5-inch wooden hoop (optional)

Materials required: Antique White linen and DMC floss.

Anona is a friend with a flock of adorable rescue chickens, and their mischievous antics inspired Bethany to include chicken thieves in her Kitchen Garden Sampler (chart coming in 2020) and create the Spring Chicken and Spring Cockerel Miniature Motifs. In tribute to the flock who started it all, here's Anona's favourite breed of chicken - the beautiful Lavender Pekin.

Pekin chickens were said to be kept as pets by the Emperor of Peking and arrived in England in the 1860s following the looting of the Emperor's Summer Palace during the Anglo-French Expedition. They are known as good egg layers with lovely docile temperaments and soft abundant feathers, particularly around the feet!