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Anona’s Lavender Pekin: Hand-Embroidered Pin

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Anona’s Lavender Pekin: Hand-Embroidered Pin

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Hand-embroidered on fine linen, this pretty chicken comes with a metal clutch fastening (approx 22mm diameter) to fit any coat, bag or hat.

The colours of the flowers may vary so if you have a particular preference, please message me. If we don't have your choice in stock, I'll make one especially for you. I'm always happy to stitch more chickens!

Create your own flock by collecting the Pekin's friends: Spring Chicken, Spring Cockerel and the Happy Chicken...

Who's Anona?

Anona is a friend with a flock of adorable rescue chickens, and their mischievous antics needed to be immortalised in embroidery. So in tribute to the flock who started it all, here's Anona's favourite breed of chicken - the beautiful Lavender Pekin.

Pekin chickens were said to be kept as pets by the Emperor of Peking and arrived in England in the 1860s following the looting of the Emperor's Summer Palace during the Anglo-French Expedition. They are known as good egg layers with lovely docile temperaments and soft abundant feathers, particularly around the feet!