World Bee Day 2020 - celebrate our furry, stripy friends!

Beehive Trinket Box by Blue Coppice

You may have noticed that we have a thing for bees here at Blue Coppice and to celebrate World Bee Day, we decided to do more than simply stitch our little friends.

So from 20 May to 30 June 2020, we'll donate 10% of all sales to Bees for Development - a wonderful international charity based in the UK.

Bees for Development work to alleviate poverty through beekeeping, working with the most disadvantaged people to develop skills, gain access to fair markets and maintain local biodiversity. And of course they work to protect bees and their habitats, providing advice to organisations such as the United Nations FAO and the World Bank and giving beekeepers across the world open access to a huge web-based resource on bees and beekeeping.

As part of World Bee Day celebrations, the Duchess of Cornwall was announced as the new President of Bees for Development today - seems very fitting for bees and their queens to have royal patronage!

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